Month: February 2019

Get super fit With QI Gong intense excercises

This Qigong consists of 12 relatively intense exercises that strengthen the entire body, promoting flexibility, balance and coordination as well as strength, speed and stamina. Many Qigong instructors claim that this is perhaps the most effective of all Qigongs for dealing with neck pain associated with a wide variety of problems in the cervical section of the […]

8 Powerful Ancient Qi Gong Exercises for Cultivating Healing Energy in the Body

What is Qigong and Why is it Essential?   Its dynamic exercises and meditations have Yin and Yang aspects: The Yin is being it; the Yang is doing it. Yin qigong exercises are expressed through relaxed stretching, visualization, and breathing.   Yang qigong exercises are expressed in a more aerobic or dynamic way. They are particularly effective for supporting […]

What is Dao Yin and its benefits

Dao Yin is an ancient movement practice from China. The words “Dao Yin” in this context means “guiding” and “leading or pulling.” Dao Yin practice differs from Qi Gong in a few ways: The intention of Dao Yin is to forcefully clear stagnation out of the body tissues and meridians, whereas Qi Gong focuses on circulating Qi […]