Dao Yin Class


Yang (Yuan Shen) Shen (Spirit)
Yin (Shen Zhi)

Yang ( Exhalation) Qi (Energy)
Yin (Inhalation)

Yang (Dynamic) Jing (Essence)
                                               Yin (Static)


In ancient China, the Dao Yin training was divided into Yang movement (dynamic action) and Yin movement (static motion).

Dao Yin Qigong training methods supplement both movements allowing them to be trained simultaneously.

The ancient Chinese believed that the practice of Yang (Heaven) and Yin (Earth) through Dao Yin movements initiated four phases of energy and movement, Tai Yang (Motion within Motion), Shao Yang (Stillness within Motion), Tai Yin (Stillness within Stillness) and Shao Yin (Motion within Stillness).

Dao and Yin together mean to lead and guide the energy through motion and Qi energy. This includes mental, respiratory, and postural exercises. Dao Yin training relaxes the tendons and bones, and governs the Qi and Blood within the channels.

To facilitate internal power you must train the body’s tendons, Bone, breath, mind, emotion, and spirit.


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