Meditation Class

Breathing/Deep relaxation


Group meditation

Sound (includes drumming & gong)

Lindon has been working with both individuals, couples and groups for almost 10 years, providing them with effective therapeutic support.

His expertise lies in dealing with the more challenging issues such as mental health, trauma, relationships and intimacy. His sensitive approach insures long lasting results are achieved in a relatively short period of time.

Having qualified as a Psychotherapist nearly a decade ago, he successfully uses an Integrative approach including advanced CBT to successfully bring about positive change.

He has a no-nonsense approach which is also empathetic practical and autonomous, however he has the incredible ability to listen and hear without judgement.

He has also initiated and run therapeutic groups and has been guiding many people along a path of positive change and empowerment.

Lindon has extensive experience with a wide range of emotional problems in a variety of settings, which include;

• Anxiety, phobias and panic attacks;

• Depression and low mood;

• Relationships – dealing with conflict, issues of trust and forming sustaining interpersonal connections;

• Trauma, abuse and bullying.

Lindon also draws on his extensive experience as a mentor, teacher and personal coach which has enabled him to construct a highly effective style, integrating the mind, body and spirit.

His personal journey has given him a real understanding of the stresses and demands life can throw at us and the need for balance.

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