Hidden Integrated Power

“Let me change your mind, body,spirit and introduce you to your Integrated Hidden Power”.

For generations hidden and ancient esoteric practice have been pursued by many seeking to access the power and strength promised by devotion to learning them.

For many years Lindon has pursued the goal of a unified heightened self understanding, coming from a Mind/Body aware background as a Professional Dancer, qualified Body Worker and Psychotherapist. . After training in china with Master Wang Zhuang Hong and in the UK with Serge Augier, Lindon at the age of 51 competed and won the British Heavyweight Gold Medal for Tai Chi Fixed Step Push Hands holding the title for 3 consecutive years (2012-2014).

Lindon’s unique style of a hands on feedback approach articulates key connections throughout the body enabling it to release its innate internal intelligence and power.
Using an established system alongside universal principles Lindon guides you through the process of dismantling embedded patterns of resistance in the body/mind/spirit, whilst teaching techniques to create in yourself a dynamic and stable integrated structure.

The 7th Breath training program focuses on the breath to make major changes in the body, mind and spirit, utilizing hands-on feedback from solo/partner training and great insight from the teacher.

You will develop greater awareness of how the body is structured and aligned and how once you are moving without old patterns of resistance you will begin to realise the benefits of building soft power.

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