The Process


The 7th Breath system incorporates techniques evolved and refined over centuries of practical applications found in disciplines such as Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Nei Dan and Dao Yin.They achieve incredible alignment, balance, strength and agility.

The classes emphasis learning and understanding true integrated power. The movements in the exercises are designed to stimulate the flow of “Chi”,( energy) through the body/mind and the major maridians and organs.

When “Chi” flows smoothly it promotes optimum health and a faster recovery.

        • Conditioning and Preparing the Physical Body
        • Attaining intent
        • Regulation of the Breath and the Mind
        • Ignighting the Energy System
        • Movement of the yang Qi is by transfering Jing to Qi
        • Movement of the yang Qi
        • Conversion of Qi to Shen
        • Conversion of Shen to Dao